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The Mom Behind Toilet Training Toddlers​

Hello and welcome to Toilet Training Toddlers!

My name is Laura and I’m a Mom of 2 boys, Cody & Connor (and a big Saint Bernard Barney). I started this website in the hope to educate other parents about their child’s potty training journey.

When it was time to potty train my eldest son Cody, I felt really out of depth. No one really spoke about it – it wasn’t something that anyone said I had to do at a specific age (like they do with starting solids or weaning off milk).

It was more of a ‘‘oh yeah, you’ll need to toilet train at some stage, whenever you’re ready’ but inevitably, I kept putting it off. Life got in the way, and it was easy to neglect this process as no one checks in whether you’ve done it or not. 

When Cody turned 3, I couldn’t believe how big he’d gotten. I realized one day when changing his diaper that he was no longer a baby anymore, he’s a child! It felt wrong to change his diaper, I think this was the moment I knew I needed to start.

I swallowed my pride and decided it was time.

The months (yes, months) that followed turned out to be the hardest part of parenting I’d ever endured.

Give me fussy eating or tantrums in a shopping center any day – THIS was harder than anything I’d had to do as a mom. You might be thinking ‘hold up, that’s a little dramatic. It can’t be that hard’. For me (and my son), it was.

Your journey may be different to mine (I sincerely hope it is) but if it isn’t – I see you. I’m right there with you. Just know this is going to be okay. Your son or daughter will NOT be in diapers forever. I repeat, your son or daughter will not go to college in diapers!

Let my struggles be of guidance for you. I’ll give you all the in’s and out’s, the do’s and don’ts and what worked and what didn’t. Allow your journey to be a more positive one than mine, by learning from my mistakes.

Take a deep breath Momma, you’ve got this.

Let’s get started.

P.S. If you want to get in touch, feel free to send me an email at [email protected]. I’m here to help!

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