A Helping Hand Through Your Toddler's Potty Training Journey.

Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication (also known as Infant Potty Training) is about learning your baby's cues for when they need to go, and gently teaching them that their pee and poop goes in the potty. This can be started as early as 6 months old, or whenever they are able to sit up unassisted.

Day Training Potty Training

Day Training

When beginning potty training, ditching the diapers only in the daytime might be a useful approach. Although some parents prefer to potty train in the day and at night at the same time, it often doesn't go to plan due to various factors (that can be out of your control).

Potty Training At Night

Night Training

Once your child has had a dry diaper for at least 3 nights in a row, it might be time to ditch the night nappy. Keep in mind dryness at night may not come easily, as the most common age to reach this milestone is approximately 4 years old (yet children can continue to have accidents up to age 6).

Here at Toilet Training Toddlers, we were inspired to educate and support parents who are embarking on the potty training journey with their little ones. We’ve been through it all, so let our experience guide you through this big milestone. We can’t promise the journey will be easy (hint – there WILL be accidents!) but there isn’t a problem you’ve encountered that someone else hasn’t before. Let’s get through this journey together so you can ditch the diapers for good and get back to enjoying life with your little one. 

The thought of potty training your child can be quite overwhelming. It requires time, effort and dedication by their parent(s). But never fear, we have put together all of our top tips and tricks when it comes to starting your potty training adventure. 

No parent wants to spend their time online trying to figure out how to deal with the challenges of potty training their toddler. Let us do the work – we have a team of mums who have been through it all (believe me – there isn’t a situation we haven’t encountered!). Our mission is to help as many mums get though the potty training journey as easy and as effortlessly as possible.

If you’re looking to learn more, head over to our blog where there is a wealth of information – from starting out, to how to deal with regressions, you’ll be able to find some great tips and learning tools to guide you through your journey. 

Free Rewards Chart

Does your toddler need some motivation to sit on the potty or toilet? Sticker or Rewards Charts can be a great way to get your little ones excited to do their business if they know they will get a reward (hello positive feedback loop!).


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Toddler Potty Training Rewards Chart

Types Of Potty Training

Interested in starting potty training early? Elimination Communication may be for you. This is a suitable method for children between the ages of 9 months – 18 months).

If you’re just starting out, it’s recommended to try day training before night training. There is a lot to learn when it comes to potty training and it might seem a little overwhelming. We cover the different methods you can try so you can find out what works best for you and your family.

If your child has mastered day training, it might be time to tackle night training (don’t worry – it’s not as scary as you might think!). Click here to find out more. 

Product Reviews

Check out our latest product reviews, from potty seats to training pants. 

Having Trouble?

It’s completely normal for your toddler to have accidents during their potty training journey. Or you might find they absolutely nail it in the beginning, but a few weeks later they have regressed and you find yourself back at square one. Remember, it’s not your fault. Your toddler’s success is not directly related to your parenting. Read more info on how you can tackle accidents and regressions here. 

Let’s face it, we all know toddlers love the word ‘no’. The potty might be a cool, interesting object in the beginning but the novelty will wear off before you know it. If your little one has started refusing to sit on the potty or toilet, or showing some serious resistance, we might have some info that can help. 

Nighttime potty training is a huge step, but sometimes the bedwetting can go on for a long time (longer than we’d like!). We have dived into why bedwetting occurs and what we (as parents) can do to help the problem. 

One word. Poop. This is by far one of the biggest hurdles parents face during potty training. From hiding in the other room or asking to poop in a diaper, there are many reasons why toddlers can easily wee on the potty but won’t poop. Let us help you tackle this. 

If you find yourself needing some extra support during potty training, we’ve collated some of the best professional services (available worldwide) that can help! 

Are you time-poor and looking for a fast and reliable way to potty train your child in as little as a long weekend? This method can be a great starting point! Check out our comprehensive review of the 3 Day Potty Training Method. 

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