Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki

Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki: A 6-Step Plan to the Rescue

The potty training process is full of ups and downs or triumphs and trauma for those without the right information. The book “Oh Crap! Potty Training” highlights various stages of the training process with everything for modern parents to do it once and do it right.

While there isn’t a defined timeframe to complete her fantastic potty training method, you can expect it to be done within three to seven days.

Jamie Glowacki, aka the Pied Piper of poop, is very straightforward and has a no-nonsense writing style. This book is probably not for you if you find a little bit of toilet humor or the occasional F-Bomb offending. However, we find the writing witty and pleasant.

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Who Is Jamie Glowacki?

Potty training and parenting expert Jamie Glowacki is a mom and social worker with experience helping thousands of families with their children’s potty training. She believes there’s no magic formula to turning out the perfect kid.

She is also the author of “Oh Crap! I Have A Toddler.”

What Makes This Book Worth Reading?

The six-step process detailed in this book is tried and tested to help your toddlers move on from diapers and start using the toilet. It’s worked for several thousand parents and their children.

No bribes with candy and no gimmicks—this is all real-world potty training information to be rid of diapers permanently.

This book answers the most common questions that haunt parents during the potty training journey:

  • Is my child ready? When do I start?
  • Why isn’t my child pooping while sitting on the potty?
  • Getting your child’s daycare provider to follow the lead
  • My child was doing quite well. What’s causing his regression?
  • How to work through “potty power struggles?”
  • What about night training?

Focus on the Blocks, Not the Days

An important fact the author stresses several times in the book is that you are the expert on your own child. While the “Oh Crap!” method will work for most children, there’s no denying that each child is different.

The book focuses on working through a well-defined six-block series, each focusing on certain potty training abilities. You should not pass on to the next block until your child has mastered the previous one.

Here’s a list of the “Oh Crap!” blocks:

  • Block 1: Using the potty naked – No diaper, no pants, no undies, and no pull-ups. You’ll watch them like a hawk all the time to learn when they pee and poop. A small, portable potty chair would be helpful.
  • Block 2: Commando – Clothes on without the underwear for about a month once your little one holds it long enough until they get to the potty. Go for short outings, but with some spare clothes.
  • Block 3: Leaving the house – Outings with your freshly potty-trained toddler who is willing to use the potty outside their home. Expect some resistance at this stage.
  • Block 4: Underpants and pants – Big kid underpants on your child and occasional reminders they need to go to the potty.
  • Block 5: Self-Initiation – The last block of daytime potty training when you cut down on prompting and they’re able to self-initiate consistently.
  • Block 6: Nighttime and nap training – No diapers or training pants to night-train your toddler who’s completed daytime potty training successfully.

What We Like About the Book

The all-in approach this book mentions is sure to work better than alternating between wearing a pull-up or diaper at some times and not wearing it at other times. Believe it or not, it creates inconsistency and delays progress.

Shy or squeamish while talking about the body and bodily functions? This book is anything but that and a fun read, above all!

There’s a thoughtfully involved section towards the end of the book. It has FAQs from other parents, a quick reference, and a cheat sheet for the dads! If potty training begins to feel like a power struggle, the author even advises on what you can do to make things easier.

What we love the most is potty training being broken down into blocks or chunks of time, making it less overwhelming. Plus, the method is about progress rather than perfection. That’s not all; the book also talks about nighttime training, regressions, and several issues any parent might face sooner or later.

It sure is a handy resource down the road.

Customer Reviews

Love this book and this author. It was great info and fun to read. I go back to this book all of the time for refreshers, questions, and reassurance” – msjacky

My toddler was in the danger zone (age wise). I took 5 days. I stuck with it but was so sad because, like Jamie said, he was having behavior problems with power struggles, but to my surprise, on the 6th day, when I went to work, he did great. Keep up the work, it pays off” – Faye J.

I was able to potty train my twin boy and girl with this book. The community is also amazing!” – Lianna

Final Thoughts

Overall, we find the “Oh Crap! Potty Training” book highly effective, and we would definitely recommend it. With the expert suggestions and tips of this potty training expert, you’ll successfully toilet-train your preschooler with the least hassles.

Your child will likely start using the potty in about three days. However, accidents happen along the way, and that’s a part of the journey. This, too, shall pass! 

However, if you need a helping hand or have additional questions about the process, send us a message, and we’ll gladly assist you.

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