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9 Helpful Potty Training Tips From Real Moms

Do you feel like it’s time for you and your toddler to ditch the diapers? Think that phase of parenting where rugs are rolled up and tons of talk of potty with your toddler has arrived? 

Potty training is a process no parent can avoid and we’ve all heard how a trying test it can be. But fear not, there is hope and there is help out there.

Brace yourself with a list of the best potty training advice from real moms who have been there and done that and you will both be just fine.

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1. Is your toddler ready to hop on the potty training train?

When asked to share their successful potty training tips, moms agree that the first and most crucial step is making sure your toddler is actually ready

Is your toddler showing signs that they are really ready for this? Read up on signs of readiness and know that if they are not there yet, you can’t force it. 

Heidi D., a mom of 6 fully potty trained kids (including twins) says,

“The best advice I received on potty training was to let the kid take the lead. If it’s a struggle, they probably aren’t ready! Some kids might be ready at 18 months, others at 3 years. As with all things, every kid is different. This tip helped me keep my sanity!’’

2. Are You Ready To Potty Train?

Are you expecting a big change in your home circumstances in the near future (such as another baby or moving house?). If the answer is yes, you might want to hold out on potty training until things stabilize. 

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3. Try Again

Fi Star-Stone, parenting expert and mother of two whilst sharing some of her best potty training advice says:

‘’A general guide is if your little one has more than 4 accidents a day, they probably are just not quite ready yet. Leave it a few weeks, go back to nappies, and then try again. More often than not – going back to the beginning and starting again is the fresh slate they need to smash toilet training the second time around.’’

All kids are different and this applies to potty training too – just like any other major milestone, they will achieve this one with your support in their own time.

4. Set The Scene Early

Place the potty in your bathroom early on so that your toddler is already familiar with it before the actual process begins. 

If you choose to start straight on the toilet, let them accompany you to the toilet so that they know what to expect when it’s their time. 

5. Go Shopping Together

With many things being decided for them, toddlers often thrive when given a little bit of power in the form of choices. If they want mickey mouse undies, let them have them. If unicorn patterned toilet rolls get them excited about toilet training, add those to your cart.

Mom holding baby pointing whilst carrying shopping bags

6. Be Consistent

Probably the most consistent tip you will come across whilst looking for the best tips for potty training is, well, to be consistent. 

Real moms swear by the importance of being consistent with the method and schedule you choose to potty train your toddler

For instance, if the plan is to sync attempts on the potty with the toddler’s natural timing (first thing in the morning or after meals), do this regularly over time so that they get used to it and it becomes part of a normal day. This can feel like hard work sometimes but it will pay off. 

7. Clean Messes With A Coffee Filter

Yes, you read that right! This one is a real game changer when it comes to good potty training tips. 

Place a coffee filter on the inside of the potty for it to catch the mess when your toddler does their business, and then chuck it in the bin after. A potty training tip that means less time and effort spent cleaning up? Absolute winner.

8. Make It Fun

It’s often easier for toddlers to master something when they learn it the fun way; through play. 

This also works to take some of the pressure off them in the bathroom whilst potty training. 

There are plenty of ways to make potty training fun like reading books about it, using a silly timer sound to indicate its time to sit on the potty and using food dye and watching it change color when they pee.

9. Dress For The Occasion

Another thing toddlers love is being independent. Being able to do big boy or big girls things is a real triumph for them. 

This is a tip tried and tested by moms while potty training their toddlers. Dress them in something that they are able to take off and pull back up mostly on their own. 

Examples include pull ups or elastic band shorts or undies; skip the pjs with ties and buttons for the time being. 

Final Thoughts

Venturing into the world of potty training can be a scary and daunting idea. Thankfully the tribe of moms out there who have already been through it are here to share their best potty training tips to help guide the way. 

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