Are Potty Training Watches Effective

Are Potty Training Watches Effective?

If your toddler is at that age where potty training is just around the corner, you might wonder if a potty training watch will make the process easier. This process is different for every child; some needs can be met with a potty training watch, while others will find it superfluous to their needs.

To decide whether or not you should invest in one, you should first learn what the device can do and if it’s better than using a normal watch. This article has everything you need to know. 

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What Is a Potty Training Watch?

A potty watch is equipped with an alarm and a timer. It will ring periodically to let you and your toddler know they need to take a bathroom break as they potty train. It can be difficult for guardians to keep an eye on a child and ensure they visit the restroom every few hours. 

Over time, the child will learn to visit the restroom at regular intervals. In time, the child will learn to go to the bathroom when they feel they need to. 

How Does It Work?

The basic function of potty watches is a potty-time alarm. However, many models come with a few other features that make them more functional and fun for the child. 

Original potty watch settings require you to set the intervals at which the watch will sound an alarm. As the child gets used to it and grows up, you can adjust the timer to sound an alarm at longer intervals. 

Some watches are also fitted with bright lights and adjustable alarms so your child can set it up the way they like. You can also turn the alarm off if you are in a quiet area or at night when you don’t want any disturbances. 

These watches come with rechargeable batteries, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them every few days. They’re designed to fit comfortably on your toddler’s wrist and most of these are also water resistant and durable, so your toddler can wear one all day, and you don’t have to worry about it breaking or getting damaged. 

Some have flashing and colorful lights, and music. The fun music makes them more child friendly, and having the option to use a few different colors keeps it exciting for them as well.

Pros and Cons

Let’s look at the pros and cons of using these watches:


The most prominent benefit is that it significantly helps in potty training. Parents usually need to remind their child to visit the bathroom while training them, and when this is being done several times a day, it can become very frustrating for the child and parent, and parents can also forget from time to time. 

With the watch, it is like a game for the child. The watches come in different colors, shapes, and styles, so your toddler can pick something they like. 

It is a new toy that gives them a sense of independence since now they are in control of when they go potty. The entire process of potty training becomes a game that is far more enjoyable than having to do something because an adult is saying so. 

It makes things a lot less challenging for the toddler and the parent, and the guardian doesn’t constantly need to monitor the child. 


As promising as a potty training watch can be, it is sometimes far less effective for some parents and toddlers. Even though it is very intriguing at first, the excitement can soon wear off. 

Initially, the child may be enthusiastic about potty breaks and fascinated with the watch but a few days later, it might become a toy they don’t want to play with anymore. 

These watches work best for children 2 years or older, which is often later after the potty training starts. Children younger than this might not understand the connection between the alarm and what they are required to do when it goes off. 

Considering that some of the best potty training watches can be quite pricey, it can be a little risky to invest if your toddler refuses to use the watch a couple of days later. There are some inexpensive models that you could go for, but they might not have the same functionality. 

Some potty training watches have other features which make them usable even after the child has completed the training, so even if it is not used during potty training, it might still be worth it. 

Choosing the Right Watch

A few things to consider to make sure you are getting the best potty training watch for your toddler include:

Aesthetics – You want something your toddler likes and will be willing to play with. Consider taking your kid along and having them choose the one they like. They are more likely to use it for longer if they like it as a toy. 

Material – You need something that has an adjustable belt and clasp so you can adjust it according to your child’s needs. You also want to get something with a soft and skin-friendly material so your child isn’t uncomfortable wearing it for several hours a day. 

Alarm and Functions – Look for something with a good alarm or multiple alarm options. It helps to have a watch that gives you a level of customization so that the child can adjust it to their liking. Looking for long-term usability will be important if you want the watch to be useful after potty training. 

Battery – The longer it lasts, the better. The best option is a watch with a good lithium-ion battery that will charge quickly and last an entire day or several days. 

Durability – Getting a waterproof watch is recommended. It will be used in the bathroom and exposed to water, so you want something sturdy. 


An excellent potty training watch for toddlers will be one that they enjoy and meets all the functional demands. Getting a high-end watch is an option, but if your toddler chooses not to use it, that will be a waste. 

In some cases, a potty training watch can be a lifesaver and make the process much easier. For other kids, it is just a temporary fascination, and a couple of days later, they might not even want to wear it. You’ll have to try one to see how it works for your toddler. 

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