Nighttime Potty Training Pants

Compare the Best Nighttime Potty Training Pants To Find the Right One

There’s no better feeling than children achieving their milestones and parents getting to brag about it to others. After you’ve potty trained your toddler for the day, there’s the nighttime wetting to deal with next.

You’ll need suitable products once you acquaint yourself with the know-how of how to tackle nighttime potty training. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back with the best training pants you can use to potty train your little one for the nights.

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Our 5 Top Picks: Choose the Best for Your Child

Start the nighttime potty training regime with these training pants we highly recommend for toddlers and preschoolers.

1. Mother Ease Bedwetting Pants

These bedwetting pants are ridiculously absorbent and hold an almost unbelievable 21 oz of liquid (equal to a Venti Starbucks drink + one more ounce).

Without the need for any additional boosters or inserts, its 100% cotton terry fabric doesn’t stay dry, allowing your little one to sense when they’re wet. And don’t worry about leaky accidents—it’s a snug fit for children, just shy of 30 lbs right up to 65 lbs.

Don’t let the price discourage you from trying it for your toddler. We can’t recommend these pants enough, especially for older children struggling with bedwetting.

Imagine how many boxes of disposable diapers you might have to go through before your child is thoroughly potty trained at night. Instead, a few washable training pants will suffice until you complete the nighttime potty training phase. 

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2. Ninjamas Large Nighttime Potty Training Pants

Need overnight potty training underwear for your little ninjas? Don’t worry! The Ninjamas nighttime pants will suit all your child’s needs.

With the Pampers LockAway channels, these training pants provide all-night leak protection, and the built-in OdorMask technology sure helps your little ones wake up in the morning feeling great.

Of course, the first thing your little one will notice is the thoughtfully designed box with a little ninja character on it. The vibrant, bold, and bright colors will get any young one excited to wear one by themselves before they sleep. 

Plus, for the amount of pee these things absorb, it’s a relief for any mom (even those with children who are heavy wetters) to be able to save the mattress!

These training pants feel as soft as cotton underwear, fit snugly around the waist and sides, and don’t make much noise under clothes.

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3. Peejamas Pants

What a quirky yet fitting name for PJs that absorb pee! If you thought diapers and potty training night pants were your only options, behold the Peejamas, one of the best diaper alternatives.

These make a great stepping stone to overcoming nighttime potty training and can slowly absorb about 10 oz of liquid. It will have your child feel the wetness, encouraging them to get up and go to the toilet.

The next best thing about Peejamas is that you’ll save a lot of money as they cost much less than those overnight disposable diapers. Not to forget, you’ll be helping save the planet, one jammie at a time, with these eco-friendly PJs.

Available as PJ sets (with pants or shorts) or just single bottoms, the fabric is so soft your child will be thrilled to wear it to bed.

Head to the website to make a quick purchase and browse other fantastic items.

4. Goodnites Nighttime Underwear

From the baby-to-toddler-to-preschooler stages, it’s only normal for nighttime accidents to involve more pee typically. You’ll need training pants with excellent absorbency for dealing with those potential overnight accidents.

These bedwetting underwear are excellent for children who no longer wear diapers but still don’t go to the bathroom throughout the night. It’s the perfect cross between underwear and diapers, and there won’t be any leaks.

We find their size options very impressive. Suitable for a wide age range, the extra-small (ideal for children weighing 28 – 43 lbs), small/medium (for children weighing 43 – 68 lbs), and extra-large (for children weighing 95 – 140+ lbs) are perfect for overnight use.

They’re a great fit, too, with a nice stretchy waistband for an underwear-like fit. However, since these are disposables, they aren’t the most environmentally friendly option, and the prices add up over time.

Learn more about it and enjoy frequent discounts on Amazon.

5. Pull-Ups Nighttime Training Pants

What’s not to love about these fantastic training pants featuring Disney graphics? And not just any designs, but ones that fade when wet! If your child wakes up with the designs intact, don’t forget to applaud and appreciate those dry nights.

With up to 12 hours of overnight protection, you don’t have to be scared about any bedtime “oopsie.”

These training pants can slide up and down for an underwear-like fit or can be used with re-fastenable sides for easy nighttime changes. However, the pull-ups come only in size 4 (16 – 34 lbs) and size 5 (32 – 40 lbs) and might not work well for preschoolers.

The only downside is they are disposables and, therefore, not the best for the environment. 

Read its excellent reviews and more details on Amazon, which offers occasional deals and discounts.

Summing It Up

Nighttime potty training is made as easy as can be with these awesome training pants.

With different sizes, designs, and styles, you’d want to test out what suits your child until you find the perfect match. The choices are plenty, from pull-up style training pants that almost feel like big-kid underwear to pajamas designed for nighttime potty training.

Remember that patience is as important as using the right training pants. It’s only natural for your child to have a bedtime accident occasionally until they’re entirely potty trained.

We hope you and your little one can get to the other side of this journey sooner. Good luck, and feel free to contact us for more advice.

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