How to Protect Mattress During Potty Training

The Best and Most Effective Ways To Protect a Mattress During Potty Training

Ask any mom or dad to list out the challenging parts of parenting, and potty training will be at the top of that list. We know how difficult a potty accident can be to clean up during the daytime.

With nighttime potty training, it means broken sleep, wet mattresses, and all sorts of hacks to avoid a soaking bed and the smells that may never go away. If you’re wondering how to protect a mattress during potty training, we’ve listed some of the best products to help a parent in distress.

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1. Use a Zippered Waterproof Mattress Protector

Aside from getting pee all over the mattress, another concern is a mattress protector bunching around as your child moves, leading back to the first concern.

Thank goodness for this zippered waterproof protector—it will keep your bed dry and clean while making nights significantly less stressful.

Available in three convenient sizes, the product is especially helpful if your toddler sleeps with you. A smooth polyester top layer provides extraordinary comfort under the sheets, and a zipper enclosure makes for a secure fit.

Apart from protecting your mattress from liquids, it also defends against bed bugs, bacteria, and dust mites. 

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2. Try Waterproof Pads

A mattress pad is another simple protector that doesn’t cover the entire mattress. Instead, it is placed on top of it to protect it from bedtime accidents.

These make for easier cleanup after nighttime “oopsie.” Just remove the pad and replace it with another disposable or washable pad.

Disposable Pads

These are slightly more expensive but are extra absorbent and can soak up 1300 to 1500 ml of liquid per mat. They’re great for use over beds and furniture and have a non-slip back sheet.

When they’re soiled, simply remove and dispose of them; there’s no hassle of washing them. Five absorbent and protective layers are bound to keep your sheets and bed dry all night.

Use one as a mattress sheet cover or in the bassinet, crib, cradle, and changing table to help during the toddler potty training phase. To read its reviews and more information, click here.

Washable Pads

With the cutest patterns, these mattress pads made of soft cotton will look adorable on your little one’s bed. The bamboo fiber backing is non-skid and won’t slip around or bunch up. Talk about potty training in style!

Waterproof pads are durable and can support up to 400+ washes in the machine (enough to get your child potty trained).

With a capacity to hold up to eight cups of liquid, you can be assured that its breathable waterproof inner lining will protect your child’s bed from occasional accidents.

Available in five colors and three lovely patterns, Yiveko’s waterproof pads are excellent for babies, toddlers, children, or even elderly parents.

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3. Consider Buying Disposable Bed Mats

Bed mats are as absorbent as a sponge and will surely help with your child’s potty training phase. These make cleaning up after bedtime accidents much easier.

With their micro-pocket technology, there’s no doubt that your child’s mattress will stay dry any time of the day or night. Since these are made of a soft material, your little ones will sleep comfortably on these bed mats.

Just place one over your child’s bedsheet using the adhesive strips to keep the bed mat in place, and watch how it stays in place no matter how much they toss and turn. Note that these are best used on 100% cotton or flannel sheets.

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4. Invest in a High-Quality Mattress Cover

There’s nothing like a full cover over a toddler mattress for a foolproof solution. Fitting over the entire mattress like a fitted sheet, these covers have a waterproof layer to hold the wetness and prevent it from seeping into your child’s bed.

The sheets and other bedding go over the top of this cover, so you’ll have to remove and wash them if any accidents happen.

Waterproof Covers

This quilted mattress cover has a soft surface, a microfiber filling, and a premium waterproof membrane to easily protect a mattress during potty training. Plus, the elastic secures it in position no matter how much your little one moves in their sleep.

It’s durable and long-lasting and is also machine washable for easy maintenance.

The cover stays in place over the mattress and is noiseless (for those children who are sensitive to any noise when asleep). Apart from absorbing fluids, these covers also allow heat and air to pass through to keep the bed dry and cool.

Plastic Covers

If you’re looking for no-fail mattress protectors while ensuring that your child sleeps comfortably, a plastic mattress cover is a great idea.

Since cloth mattress covers might not provide sufficient protection from frequent nighttime accidents, a PVC, BPA-free plastic cover will do the trick. It will definitely protect the mattress from any liquid.

Don’t worry; they may be plastic, but these covers are super soft and a great fit. Your child won’t even notice it’s there.

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Final Thoughts

If you thought nighttime potty training would be a nightmare for you and your child’s mattress, we hope this list of mattress protectors brought in some relief. You can pick between washable and disposable bed covers or bed mats to suit your convenience.

We do recommend using a combination of both for ultimate protection—you can never be too careful. Read our article about How to Tackle Nighttime Potty Training for more pointers and handy tips.

Also, feel free to contact us for any additional info or advice.

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