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How To Potty Train Twins

There are certain problems parents of singletons do not confront. Therefore, it’s important to prepare for potty training twins by taking the time to prepare your children for this big step properly. 

Take a deep breath mama. It’s likely to turn out fine. Be assured that you may have an uneasy beginning, but your children won’t go to college (or even kindergarten) in diapers!

The process is complicated and you may have your questions regarding potty training twins. Like, how to potty train twins, when you should start potty training twins or whether I should potty train twins together.

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How To Prepare For Potty Training Twins

  • The first step is to help them get comfortable with baby potties. Then, when they are ready, let them sit on the toilet alone (preferably on a toddler toilet seat). It will take some time before your children can use the toilet on their own, so don’t rush this process!
  • You can find books with pictures of different types of toilets in many bookstores and libraries for the potty. Our tried and tested favorites are ‘P is for Potty’ and ‘Dino Potty
  • Introduce (and exaggerate) and promote their desire to use the potty by encouraging them to sit on it or using “potty” language such as “let’s go potty” or “let’s do our business.”
  • Dispose of hard poop that’s left in diapers into the toilet (better yet, get them to help you do this!)
  • You can also encourage your children by exaggerating their peeing and pooping habits, making them more comfortable going in public restrooms.
Twin babies wearing diapers

How To Actually Potty Train Twins?

There are many different ways you can help your children get comfortable on baby potties and begin learning how to use the toilet or potty.

The method you choose will depend on your child’s character and temperament (as long as it is your own!). Remember that what works for your child may not work for another, so try your best to be open.

How To Potty Train Twins At the Same Time

  • Establish a habit of taking your toddlers along with you to the restroom.
  • Once you have established a habit of going to the bathroom together, it may be easier for your children to understand that there will be times when they need to use the toilet. 
  • Start by introducing one child at a time, then move on to two children in parallel!
  • Use positive reinforcement like praise or playtime if necessary to keep things moving along smoothly
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When Should You Start Potty Training Twins?

It’s a question that many parents have. And it’s one that can be tough to answer. The truth is, there are no set rules for when to start potty training twins—it just depends on your children and their age, how quickly they’re growing, and what you think is best for them at this point in their development.

Potty training twins can be a daunting task for parents and even more challenging for children. Potty training is a process that takes time, patience, and commitment from both parents and children.

At first, it’s important to remember that children grow at different rates. Instead of coming up with a timeline for when they should start using the toilet, focus on getting them used to it as soon as possible (we recommend from the time they can comfortably sit up unassisted) so they are familiar with it by the time they’re ready.

Signs That They May Be Ready To Begin Potty Training

  • Their diapers stay dry for long periods (2 hours or more)
  • They tell you when they’re going to the bathroom or if they are going to pee or poop
  • They don’t like being in wet or poopy diapers and will beg you to change them
  • Their pooping habits are predictable and occur at similar times every day
  • They can pull down their pants on their own (an ability essential for using the potty on their own)
  • They ask to wear pull-ups or underwear
  • They want to sit on the potty or are showing interest when you go to the bathroom
  • They are familiar with your household’s toilet “lingo” – Whatever you decide to utilize
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Can You Potty Train Twins Together?

Yes you can! Parents can absolutely potty train their twins simultaneously. Some parents find it is one of the best ways to make potty training a learning experience for both children. However, it’s easier to begin when both children are showing signs of readiness.

The primary factors determining whether your twins ready to start potty training include physical control and mental readiness. Don’t feel like you need to start the process too early. 

This often means a long battle and lots of accidents! Be patient until your twins display indications of being ready, for example, using the toilet when asked to and tugging at their nappies when they are dirty or wet. 

They become more aware when they pee or poop in their diapers.

6 Simple Tips For Potty Training Twins

#1 Prepare Your Twins in Advance

Before you begin the toilet training process, ease it by preparing your children for what’s coming. This can be done by reading children’s books on the potty or buying them exciting toilet paper with Spongebob characters.

#2 Watch For Signs Of Readiness

A sign of readiness is when toddlers become interested in watching others use the bathroom. This enhances their capacity to stay on the toilet for a long period without wetting the whole area. 

Usually, toddlers hide in a quiet area whenever they need to go to the bathroom. They also start getting uncomfortable with stained diapers and desire to wear “big kid” underwear.

#3 Consider The Advantages And Disadvantages Of One-On-One Training

Suppose you’re able to train your twins simultaneously. The twins could benefit from the companionship and competition by encouraging each other. It’s up to you to determine if an individual approach is more efficient.

Baby sitting in a pile of diapers holding a diaper

#4 Motivate Them By Using Rewards

Some twins cannot connect the causes and effects, which after a while, can make you feel like tearing your hair out. On the other hand, if your twins compete, the idea of offering rewards for their success could be extremely motivating for them.

#5 Consider Buying Two Toilet Seats

Let’s face it, twins don’t always want to share. Some toddlers prefer to use “their” potty. It might be best to purchase separate potties or toilet seats for each of your twins to get them on side.

#6 Be Consistent With Your Routine

Many parents relied upon an established routine for twins when they were babies and have found it effective in potty training too. If two twins consume food and drinks and rest according to the same routine, they are more inclined to “use restrooms” together too.

Final Words on Potty Training Twins

Being a twin mom is hard work! Although potty training is unavoidable and your twins may not master potty training at the same time, try to lean into the experience and take each day as it comes.

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